Mistress Kye

Host of Kinkology Podcast

Don't be fooled by her beachy hair, Mistress Kye is a natural-born Dominant. She doesn't need to dye her hair black, draw on dark eyeliner or dress in latex & leather in order to emit an air of Dominance. She is Dominance. You need only spend a few moments with her to feel this. She's a purely authentic, highly intense, no-nonsense and direct natural-born Dominant. Surprising to many after they meet her, she also posses an exceptionally nurturing side...as most true Dominant's tend to.

Mistress Kye is highly intelligent & educated with a street schooling most only see in movies. With many years in the Philadelphia scene, there isn't much she has not experienced. Her skill set is vast.

Mistress Kye specializes in psychologically dissecting your wants, needs & desires in order to bring them to life and fullfil your BDSM & Kink fantasies.

Over the years, she has helped many men, women and couples tap into areas of themselves that society has conditioned them to suppress. She's very skilled in holding your hand as you get in touch with your true self and inner desires to allow for sincere fulfillment.

As a long-time 24/7 Lifestyle Domme who has several submissives and slaves (one is a live-in), she's also a highly-regarded Professional Dominatrix. She, along with her Sister Mistresses of Wicked Playground, host the eXXXotica Expo Dungeon as Dungeon Dominatrixes & educators.

In addition, she promotes and hosts 'adult' events along with educational classes, seminars & workshops in the Philadelphia region & across the country.

Mistress Kye hosts 'Kinkology Podcast' where topics of a Kink/BDSM nature are discussed and her friends in the 'adult' business stop by to chat, including some well-known names.

Mistress Kye has hosted one Episode.